TYÖLLISTÄ TAIDOLLA -Employ with competence

What is your need?

Does your company need additional workforce, but you need support in handling the process?

Are you thinking about what would be the best way for your company to acquire expertise?

Do you want to improve your recruitment competence?

Are you worried about hiring a new employee?

Do you have the courage to assume responsibility for being a supervisor and an employer?


Who is the service for?

The primary target group for the service is growth-oriented private entrepreneurs and small companies who have a need to recruit or to commission work and who want to develop their relevant skills. Companies whose personnel does not yet have much experience on commissioning or employing can benefit the most from the service.

The service is free-of-charge for your company.

The age or form of the company does not matter when registering for the service.


Objectives of the service

The purpose of the service is to support the growth of companies by advising entrepreneurs in matters related to recruitment, commissioning, leasing workforce, and acting as an employer. The objectives are:

  1. helping the entrepreneur assess the company’s competence needs and their opportunities recruitment or commissioning, so that the entrepreneur is able to choose the best ways to acquire competence for the company’s business situation
  2. ensuring that the entrepreneur has sufficient competence in recruitment and the various possibilities of commissioning or leasing workforce in order to acquire work in one way or another
  3. guiding entrepreneurs in making use of services related to recruitment and commissioning that are suitable for the company’s needs as well as making use of electronic channels and, for example, social media in connection to the acquisition of workforce
  4. providing entrepreneurs with information on becoming an employer so that future employment relationships are successful
  5. facilitating the employment of disadvantaged jobseekers by informing entrepreneurs of pay subsidies and other forms of local support


Why Eezy?

Eezy offers the service nationally, in all ELY areas. Eezy is where you are – we operate nationally in 37 different locations throughout Finland.

Our local offices serve you and your company quickly, flexibly, and professionally. Our experts are entrepreneurs themselves, so they will be good sparring partners and can support your business in a practical and efficient manner. Our local experts have good regional knowledge, and they know the operating environment and experts in your area. In addition, they have access to a register of jobseekers where they can quickly find workforce to meet your needs.

We are a trusted and responsible partner, and our experts have plenty of experience in helping companies with their workforce leasing and recruitment needs. VMP Varamiespalvelu, which began as a family business, is now part of the Eezy Group, which was listed in First North in June 2018.  The central values in our operation are entrepreneurship and responsibility.


How does it work in practice?

When you register and select Eezy as your service provider, we will contact you.

 1.Initial mapping (0.5–1 hours)

At first, we will investigate the current situation of your company, its competence requirements and its employment opportunities, as well as consider what impact recruitment or work acquisition could have on your company’s prospects for growth.

2.Guidance and practical roadmap (1–3 hours)

Based on the initial mapping, your company will receive a recommendation on the methods of acquiring workforce that are suitable for you, including various alternatives of recruitment, commissioning, leasing workforce, and the support services available at the TE Office. You will receive personal, face-to-face guidance on acquiring work or workforce as well as becoming an employer. You will receive a written plan and additional material that are customised for your business.

3.Final sparring (0.5–1 hour)

We will review the roadmap together with you to ensure that you have sufficient competence in recruitment and the various possibilities of commissioning or leasing workforce in order to acquire work in one way or another.

Participation in the service will take approximately 2–5 hours.


Our service pledge to you:

//Understanding how you can grow as a business//

//Practical advice on how to lighten your own workload//

//Plenty of information on various ways to acquire expertise//

//A lot of support and solutions for your business challenges//


You will also receive personal guidance on other ways to acquire workforce. The service is tailored to the needs of your business, and you will get support for questions that are relevant for your company.

In the Employ with competence service, we provide you with face-to-face guidance in your own area, so that you will be able to choose the best ways for your company to acquire competence. The service process begins with your needs and ends with fulfilling them.


How to register:

Register for the service, and we will contact you!


Our nationwide 24/7 phone service will help you outside business hours, 24 hours a day. Our 24/7 service number is 0100 86088 (open 24 h).

For further information, visit: https://www.vmp.fi/en/employers/

Employ with competence is a free-of-charge expert service for entrepreneur customers offered nationally by the Uusimaa TE Office and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. The service provides entrepreneurs with information and guidance concerning recruitment and other ways of acquiring workforce as well as becoming an employer or commissioner of work. The aim is to get employment or contractual relationships to a good start and to support the company’s growth.

The service is provided by the TE Office’s contractual partners, from which you can choose the one best suited for you.